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night. me included. let's show you what's happening with that day planner. we do have some showers out there now. i think they're going to be gone in another hour or two. then we'll end up partly sunny for a while before more clouds and showers return later this afternoon. lunch time temps in the mid- 70s. could be a stray shower then but late afternoon, evening is when i think we'll have a few more showers and storm. high around 80. 5:00 temp . lots of moisture from us all the way up into new england now with all the showers and storms from last night. had a lot of lightning, a lot of thunder. so a little bit of lightning coming out of these storms as you're pulling out of montgomery now into howard county. eastern montgomery county seeing it much more so than areas to the west. we've got 95, 29, a rough ride up from columbia down toward d.c. even in town now, look at laurel here, the darker reds in northwest d.c. coming out of arlington about to cross the capital area. we're also looking in northern charles county with some showers and rumbles of thunder
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there. this will be out another couple of hours but the rain is causing all sorts of issues on the roads. here's beverly farmer with more. right now, howard, what we've been dealing with since after midnight, the crash on the inner loop of the beltway between old georgetown road and the exit for 355 bethesda. involved a tractor-trailer that knack knifed. fuel spilled and on the inner loop of the beltway still single file to the left gets by. this is the shot at old georgetown road, the taillights heading away from you on the inner loop. light volume at this hour so it's not causing too much time. they hope to have everything wrapped up there very soon. on the 95 corridor, a southbound crash in fredericksburg. overnight road work near the rapahannock river has been cleared. northbound volume starting to build as you make your way in. here's 66 eastbound past lynn street, the rosslyn tunnel. just after the tunnel at 110 accident, the crash on the right shoulder is not a factor for you. if you're heading up on 395, the lanes are open to the 149 street -- 14th street bridge. it will take extra time on the
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wet pavement. keep that in mind. back to you. >> beverly, thank you. the regular n.f.l. referees worked their first game back last night. >> when is the last time you've seen them getting a standing ovation everywhere? everybody is happy to have them back. this is the ravens quarterback, puts the first points on the board. second quarter, a touchdown pass. baltimore stayed ahead. close in the the browns a second chance at a hall mary -- hail mary. incomplete. ravens win 23-16. here is kristin fisher with more reaction to the refs coming back. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. leapt me ask you this. when is the last time that you saw referees getting a standing ovation? most times they're booed or heckled but not last night. check out the reception they received in baltimore just
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before kickoff. [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: look at that. a standing ovation for the referees. that may be the first time in the history of football. throughout the game people held up signs. my favorite said "finally we get to yell at the real refs. welcome back." these guys really got the rock star treatment last night. this all happened less than 24 hours after an agreement was reached between the n.f.l. and the referee union. after nearly a year of negotiations, the two sides finally reached a compromise on pensions, salaries. fans were ecstatic. coaches we leaved. no one was happier about the return of the real refs plan the players. here's lorenzo alexander and steven owens. >> i say hallelujah. hallelujah. thank you, lord. >> you always say you don't miss something until you go without it.
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handling the replacement refs the last couple of weeks has been difficult during that time. >> reporter: even the real refs can be frustrating at times. how did they do on their first game back? pretty good. there was a controversial pass interference call on the first half but other than that, a+s all around. they're being treaded with bringing back credibility and restoring the flow to the game. i tell you what, fans could not be happier. i'll have some reaction from redskins fans coming up at 5:30. mike, andrea? >> thanks, kristin live in the satellite center. see you in a bit. skeletal remains found last month in stafford county, virginia have now been identified. katherine bryant of washington, d.c. was 33 years old when she was reported missing in the summer of 2006. d.n.a. determined the remains discovered on august 16 off i- 95 were hers. foul play is suspected in bryant's death. the family of a hit and run victim is making a plea for help now. it has been a ebony johnson was
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struck and called while crossing nailer road. the driver did not stop. johnson's four children are still asking when their mom is going to come home. police believe the car that hit her was a black acura. if you have any information, please call park police. after eight years on the job, fairfax county's police chief is stepping down. he will leave his post october 20 to become the county executive for public safety. in the new position he'll have oversight of police, fire and rescue, public safety communications and the office of emergency management. chief rohrer took over for chief thomas manger in 2004 when manger left to become montgomery county's police chief. it's five minutes after 5:00. if you're just waking up, time for the latest your money report. >> jessica doyle is here with today's headlines. good morning. >> nobody likes to be a loser. that's where we're a winner this morning. first winning day this week for
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wall street. world markets have been heading higher today, too, thanks to improvements in the european debt crisis. as for u.s. investors, they're going to focus in on the consumer today when personal income and spending numbers from august are released later this morning. checking the numbers, the dow starts today at 13,485, added 72 points in trading yesterday. nice pop there. nasdaq no slouch up by 42 points. google was a huge winner yesterday. s&p 500 was better by almost 14. sometimes your stock goes up becomes things aren't as bad as everybody thought they would be. that's the case with research in motion. shares up 20% after the bell likely to pop this morning. that's after the maker of blackberry posted a large loss in the second quarter released after the closing bell but that loss not quite as steep as everyone was expecting. facebook is launching a new service called gifts. it helps users send chocolate,
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coffee, even socks as well as other real life presents to another friend. facebook bought a company back in may and it's called karma. its mobile app let's people send gifts to the go. we'll have to see how that goes. a virtual version of that was living social before it became a daily deals company. >> those kinds of things where you can buy your friend a drink. >> that was living social. >> sometimes you have to do it yourself in person. >> it certainly has a nice personal touch. we'll update you on my couch to 5k training program. it hit a little bit of a bump in the road. then in the next 45 minutes, i'm going to tell you where you can get free coffee today. >> mike is paying attention to that one. thanks, jess. israel's prime minister issue as warning to the u.n. general assembly. that story is coming up. >> plus, the film maker whose
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take on islam infuriated muslims around the world is in jail this morning. >> and ahead in sports, the nationals are one step closer to winning the national league east. we'll be right back.
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welcome back. we still have a few showers in the metro east. those will be pulling out the next couple of hours. all in all we'll start out okay if you just hang out a couple more hours but we have to watch out later on this afternoon for a few more thunderstorms. we'll see skies become partly sunny. temperatures will rise into the mid-70s by lunch time.
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then into the afternoon. that's when we have the threat for a few more showers and storms. ghs around 80. good news. inner loop of the beltway in bethesda, all lanes just reopened between old georgetown road and georgetown pike. your lanes are open. right now good pace here in bethesda. your next timesaver traffic at 5:17. mike, back to you. >> thanks, bev. here's what's making news at 5:10 this morning. early this morning, police in minute ap police announced a gun -- minute ap police announced a gun -- minute ap police announce -- minneapolis police announced a gunman shot four other people and killed himself. three out of four survivors are constituent listed in critical condition now. the california man behind the anti-muslim film that sparked deadly protests is in jail. a jiewj ruled -- a judge ruled nakoula basseley nakoula has violated his probation on bank fraud charges when he got online to promote the
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controversial film. he's both a flight risk and a danger to the community. benjamin netanyahu warned the united nations general assembly about iran's nuclear program. he says the world has till next summer to stop iran from building a nuclear weapon. iran denies the nuclear program is for military services. we'll have more on the lymphoma research ride coming up at 5:48. >> at 5:37, jump into your workout clothes. jessica doyle has her couch to 5k series. >> next at 5:15, howard tells us what lays beyond the weekend in his seven-day forecast. we'll be right back.
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sunday morning on "biocentury this week." science and the age of austerity. what will deep budget cults mean cutmean for n.i.h.? watch "biocentury this week"
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good morning. welcome back to 9news now. it is 5:14. we're happy to say it's friday. hope you got some sleep last night. howard didn't because of all the noise from the thunder and lightning. >> thank goodness it's friday and we have time to recover before monday. it was a loud night for many. still have a little bit of rain going on this morning although most of it now is from d.c. and points east into prince george's county, northern charles, howard, east of montgomery and east side of d.c. it's pulling away. in the next hour or two, conditions should improve drastically from where they were a couple of hours ago. here's a look at the bus stop forecast. still some leftover showers or two. that will be about it. i think by the time you hit the buses in another 90 minutes, two hours, things will be much, much better.
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temperatures in the 60s. there could be a patch or two of fog. sunrise 7:02. we'll get some partly sunny conditions today. maybe even partly to mostly sunny at times with just a stray shower possible by midday. i really think much of the activity that we're going to see is going to hold off till late this afternoon and this evening. the better chances will be south and southeast of washington as we get into the nighttime hours. so i know it's friday night football and those areas will have to be maybe battling a few showers there. 74 by 8:00. our high today is going to top out right about 80 degrees. overnight had the showers and storms. they've lifted up into new york state, into connecticut, but it's chill yu up here. its -- chilly up here. it's in the 40s. to our west we've got very little west of the metro right now. here's a little shower there south of leesburg in toward loudoun county but i want to take you montgomery county almost clearing now as the heavy stuff now along routes 29, 95, route 1 from bwi, down to the university of maryland. prince george's county county, bowie, down 301, there's a lot
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of activity. shadyside, you're getting ready to get hit with even more of these heavier rains. dunkirk you'll see some more. right along route 15 in leesburg, that will go back toward montgomery county as well. that's all that's left on the west side for now. temperatures are running in the 60s this morning. 63 alexandria to 68 in college park. we've got 64 in leesburg and 66 in haymarket. outside on our michael & son weather camera, looks nice. good visibility right now. some light showers being reported at the top of the hour at national, 57 with the humidity al 87%. so there's a lot of low level moisture in the air. cool stuff up north, in the 40s and 50s. we're in the 60s this morning. there is a front that separates the cool from the warm. that front with a little area of low pressure responsible for all the rain moving up toward new england. this thing is going to slowly dri. off to our south. with -- drift off to our south. with it it will push the chance of showers and storms south of
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us tonight more so than north. the forecast, we'll get back into a late shower or storm, high about 80. tonight we're dipping into the 50s. i think we're okay tomorrow, 72. sunday light chance of a shower 74. monday also looks pretty good. clouds will increase. 75. a better chance for showers on tuesday, highs again in the mid- 70s. monika is off but beverly farmer is in. she has timesaver traffic. right now if you are traveling on the beltway headed out of bethesda into silver spring, the good news is you can get there freely now. tractor-trailer crash they have been working on for the past five hours on the inner loop in bethesda has been cleared from the roadway. truck towed away. everything open at old georgetown road and 355. nice light volume here despite the wet pavement. building volume past frederick 85 getting into urbana but all lanes open. there is a new crash reported on 95 southbound in maryland out of laurel. checking south for the crash. travel virginia northbound 95,
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thru lanes are open out of fredericksburg. volume is building as you make your way toward quantico. into dale city north of the rest area and heading through woodbridge, all lanes are open. overnight accident southbound 95 near the rapahannock has been cleared. if you're traveling on 66 so far so good. volume has been light front royal into falls church. no issues to deal with right now as you head in towards the roosevelt bridge. the earlier crash from 110 had been cleared from the roadway. back to you. >> thank you, ma'am. redskins celebrate the end of the n.f.l. referees lockout. >> and despite a shaky start, nats pitcher gio gonzalez gets another win. highlights coming up in sports. >> let's do another look at the question of the day. here it is. this activity has declined by 89% since the 1950's. is it a, reading the newspaper, b, taking a bath, or c, writing a letter? >> our facebook friend jolene thinks the answer is b, taking
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a bath. it's quick and more convenient to take a shower. >> we'll be right back.
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welcome back. 5:21. your weather first. most of the rain from the west side of metro is gone. howard county, northern charles county, we'll watch. by 9:00 partly sunny.
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71 in town. 60s in the suburbs. lunch time stray shower north, mid-70s. we head into the afternoon near 80. then watch down to the south for some showers and storms to return late this afternoon and this evening. mike and andrea? >> thank you, howard. reds skins players talk about howg happy they are -- how happy they are to have the real refs back. >> gio gonzalez gets his 21st win of the season. this story is brought to you by the number four. that's the magic number of combined wins and losses needed by the nationals and brairchs in order to washington to win the nl east title. they already clinched a spot in the playoffs. philadelphia hosting the nats. no score top of the first. bryce harper at the plate. what do you think he does? oh, yeah. cannot contain that one. nats out 1-0. game tied at 3 until this in the 4th. that harper guy again. he puts the home team on top again by singling home danny
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espinoza. the next inning michael moore to the plate. adam la roche second. moore crushes that one. no doubt about it. it goes right into the bullpen. that was his second homer of the night. nationals win 7-3. how about that monster home run. >> it felt good. it felt real good. any time you hit a ball like that, you know, sometimes you just got to appreciate it a little bit. watch it go. >> reporter: to football. n.f.l. referees are back in business after reaching a tentative agreement with the league. no one can be happier than the redskins players. they play the bucs sunday. at practice yesterday, all the talk was about those guys in black and white. some with passionate words. >> i said hallelujah. hallelujah. thank you, lord. we've got the old refs back. >> you don't miss something until you go without it. handling these refs, the replacement refs the last couple of weeks has been difficult for us during that time. >> that's a quick look at
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sports. have yourself a great friday. the nats celebrated another big win. the online deals company living social is going to cover the $30,000 cost, at least the deposit to keep metro open the additional hour during the playoffs. that means the fans will not have to worry to find an alternate way home if the post- season games run late. we'll have more from the game in baltimore where the real refs took the field for the first time this season. that's coming up. >> never had so much press. >> remember the cinderella story of the flea market painting that turned out to be a renoir? it's falling apart. heading into silver spring, the good news is overnight tractor-trailer crash is cleared. here's the beltway at the american legion bridge. just the wet pavement will cost you time. you're watching 9news now. we'll be right back. good morning.
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good morning. welcome back to 9 news now on this friday morning. i'm andrea roane. friday makes us smile. good morning. i'm mike hydeck. beverly farmer is in for monika samtani. >> howard is here. >> i'm not sure i got much sleep last night with all the thunder. >> you trudge through things like that. >> not sleeping? >> you have to show the reason why. >> we'll get that coming up at 5:45. i have a cool lightning picture i'll have courtesy of mark in colonial beach. want to get you started with a look at the day planner. we had some showers and storms overnight, some loud ones. we'll get rid of them pretty quickly. we'll end up with maybe a sprinkle midday, partly sunny, 76. high around 80. a few more showers and storms will be possible late this afternoon and this evening, especially south and southeast of town. look at the radar. look how quickly these things
5:29 am
are skirting on out of here to the east. into prince george's county, into howard county, into anne arundel. just going to skirt northern calvert here. annapolis area seeing it now. you get outside the beltway, coming in on 50 or coming down from baltimore on 29, route 1, you're going to see it. 97 also. by now most of it east of 301. even in prince george's county. so that's good news. even that shower we showed you in loudoun seems to be falling apart. let's go to beverly farmer in for monika. if you're traveling on 95 headed out of fredricksburg and making your way north, right now besides the wet pavement and volume building, lanes are open. pace still decent for folks heading into quantico. here in dale city near the rest area, volume is still light heading into woodbridge and on into springfield. northbound 395 still a good pace leaving edsall road, landmark up toward shirlington, the pentagon and the inbound 14th street bridge. downtown traffic no incidents to report. just the volume there. signal lights on the fritz on
5:30 am
14th street at c street. they've been flash mode since yesterday afternoon. 66 has been a good ride. no incidents or accidents belt waip through montgomery county. i can -- beltway through montgomery county. i can say that now. building volume as you head west in silver spring to georgia avenue. 95 southbound accident after 198 has just been reported. your next timesaver traffic at 5:38. back to you. >> thank you, beverly. this morning d.c. police are investigating a deadly stabbing. >> officers got the call of an assault late last night on 50g9 place northeast. when they got there, they found a man unconscious and he died moments later. it appears he was stabbed in the abdomen. detectives have not released any information about possible suspects in the case. in court documents investigators say two of the three suspects in last month's capitol hill beating admitted to attacks thomas maslin. the three made their first
5:31 am
appearance in court yesterday. the judge ordered all three held without bail. maslin was beaten on his way home from a nationals game. he's slowly recovering after undergoing several brain surgeries and the loss of one eye. by all accounts the real n.f.l. refs got the call right in the closing seconds of the game in baltimore. the browns were trying to tie things up on a hail mary pass attempt. the pass fell incomplete. baltimore wins 23-16. here's kristin fisher in our satellite center. she has more on the big standing ovation they got when they came out. >> reporter: it was pretty ridiculous. no doubt the real stars last night were these referees. after three weeks of questionable calls from the replacement refs, the real refs made their triumph participant return and they were -- triumphant return and they were treated like rock stars. they took the field to a standing ovation just before
5:32 am
kickoff and they got another standing o during the mike check. that never happens. ravens fans even held up signs during the game saying "welcome back." here in washington redskins fans watching the game called it a return to credibility for the n.f.l. >> i think it was good for the game because the fans were starting to get disgruntled. >> we're happy to have the n.f.l. refs back. >> the players know they're going to do their job right. >> reporter: and they did their job right last night. look at that sign. that is so well done, so well said. there was one controversial pass interference called during the first half of the game. other than that by and large a+s all around. even though the real refs are back, their agreement with the n.f.l. for now is only a tentative agreement. it still needs to be ratified by members of the union. they'll be voting friday and saturday in dallas. then if all goes according to plan and the agreement is approved which it is expected
5:33 am
of course to be approved, then the real refs are going to pick up their equipment. they'll get their game assignments and they should be back on the field officiating on sunday. so i tell you what. it is a good time to be a referee in the n.f.l. this is probably the most love that they're ever going to be feeling. >> by far the most attention. they better enjoy it because it's going to disappear quickly. as the sign says, it's good to yell at the real refs for a change. to campaign 2012. both main presidential candidates return to virginia on thursday. boy, they spent a lot of time in the state. this weekend they'll also be cramming for this week's presidential debate which is coming up soon. >> reporter: early voting began in iowa thursday morning and voters lined up to cast their ballots. president obama's team is feeling confident that most of these early votes will be for the president. >> this many people this early in the morning really shows that there's strong support here in iowa for the president. >> reporter: but on thursday,
5:34 am
both candidates were in another battleground state. >> how is it going, virginia beach? >> reporter: president obama talked to voters in southern virginia. >> growing our economy begins with a strong and thriving middle class. >> reporter: while mitt romney talked with veterans about looming cuts to the military in the northern part of the state. >> 136,000 jobs will be lost in virginia as a result of this move. >> reporter: the candidates will spend time this weekend preparing for next week's debate ahead of the faceoff in denver both campaigns seem to be trying to lower expectations. >> we are looking forward to the debates as you know, and there have been difficulties. you have to give the president some credit for the campaign they're running. >> reporter: romney's staff issued a talking points memo telling surrogates to point out how well president obama has done in past debates. >> as president i'm going to have to make some tough decisions. >> reporter: the obama campaign issued a statement pointing out the president hasn't debated
5:35 am
since 2008. >> 10,000 bucks? >> reporter: while governor romney got some practice in during the primaries. obama campaign spokesman says the worst-case scenario is if the president falls off the stage. susan mcginnis, cbs news, washington. we told you earlier this month about the renoir painting a virginia woman bought at a flea market for just $7. but the painting both be auctioned off in alexandria tomorrow as scheduled because it's stolen property. a "washington post" reporter was digging around this week and that led to the discovery of documents in the baltimore museum of arts library showing the painting was housed there from 1937 to 1949. it was stolen in 1951. now the f.b.i. is investigating but the woman is only out $7. >> 1951? that was a long time ago. >> but people hide these things in their basements. >> she should keep the painting.
5:36 am
that's how i feel. at this moment are you trying to talk yourself out of working out this morning? >> we'll see what excuses jessica doyle might have next in her couch to 5k report. we'll be back.
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welcome back. your weather first. showers east of town. we're going to have a decent day in spite of the storms we've been having during the overnight. look for a mix of clouds and sunshine. partly sunny, maybe a sprinkle toward the middle of the day. later this afternoon and this evening, chance for a few more showers and stores, especially south and southeast of town. 3:00 temps 79 with a high of 8 on at 6:00 p.m. still looking at temperatures in the mid-70s. i'll be back with the seven-day forecast in about five minutes. right now here's beverly farmer with timesaver traffic. despite the wet pavement, we really are off to a pretty good ride. inner loop of the beltway everything in bethesda from the overnight truck wreck is gone so no issues there for you. outer loop as you head west from college park to silver spring, volume just building. the crash southbound on 195 in
5:39 am
laurel moved on to the shoulder. not a big deal. next timesaver traffic at 5:48. back to you. >> beverly, thank you. there she is. >> you want to shape up? get off the couch. couch to 5k with jessica doyle. >> i'm here with jessica doyle and we're gearing up. actually we're running. >> look at howard. there he goes. >> the last time i was with you, we were in hawaii. >> we're in california. we're running backwards. we're running forwards. >> three weeks you've been doing this. >> why am i finishing up week two on week three? i got horribly sick. i've been complaining about it for a week and a half now. that kind of put a crimp in my plans. i'm on antibiotics, people. here's write am as of yesterday. >> reporter: hey, friends, i'm about to end week two of couch
5:40 am
to 5k. what this is going to entail is a five-minute warm-up. then i'm going to do three sets of the 90-second run, a 90- second walk, a 90-second run and then a two-minute walk. of course i have to do my cooldown. come o let's go running. >> do you run when you have a cold? a lot of people say push through it. clearly i chose not to. some runners use the neck rule to decide if you're going to run. symptoms affecting you below the neck, let's say you have chest colds or body aches, take time off. symptoms above the neck, runny nose, cough, hard-core runners still run. if you have a sinus infection which i had, that can escalate to pneumonia if you push yourself. so listen to your body. not when it tells you to nap or eat pizza but when it's telling you not to run, maybe you
5:41 am
should consider it. i was more touch than couch to 5k. but i do want to offer you something of value. trainer steve tells us why strength training is so important in a running program. >> running beats you up. running is not an easy restorative exercise that makes you better. running tears you apart. it's harder on your joints, harder on your us muss -- on your muscles. you get better from recovering from all the exercise. that holds true for all exercise but the strength is going to help you last longer. it's going to help you feel better. it's going to help you run faster and with more confidence. >> trainer steve, very smart guy. this is what week three looks like. five-minute warm-up, two rounds of this. jog two minutes, walk two mince, jog three minutes, walk two minutes. you can find out more tips from trainer steve and my experiences along the way on my
5:42 am
new blog on tum letter. it's -- tumbler. it's called couch to 5k with jessica dial. i'm starting week three today. get off the couch. run with me. howard bernstein? >> trainer steve saying it's hard on your knees. not a great endorsement but at least you lost five pounds so we're ahead of the game. >> we'll send it back to mike. >> that's one way to do it. if you'd like to work out for a great cause this weekend, you can do that, too. ride a bike. we have a bike ride to tell but in a few minutes. >> plus, a rare whale sighted on his annual migration along the coast of australia. >> if it's your birthday, you're sharing it with the following celebrities. brigette bardot is 78. he played principal rooney in
5:43 am
ferris bueller's day off jay jones is 66. oscar nominated actress naomi watts is 44. they call him the face of the franchise nats thirds baseman ryan zimmerman is 28. if it's your birthday, have a great day. we will be right back.
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welcome back. 5:46. want you to check out this photo. lightning last night dancing across the skies there in virginia on the potomac river. mark, thank you for that. send me a picture. i'd love to share it with everybody on wusa. we do have a lingering shower but it's quickly pulling away. patchy fog will be more of an issue with temperatures in the 60s this morning. sunrise at 7:02 this morning
5:47 am
with sunset before 7:00 p.m. we've got good looking day today for the most part, although later we're going to have some issues potentially toward the evening. 76 at noon. winds will turn to the west and northwest. drying us out a little bit. as we get toward the late afternoon and evening hours, could be a few more showers and storms. the best chances for that will be south and east of washington. 78 at 5:00 after hitting a high around the 80-degree mark. showers and storms are now up toward new england. more activity in kentucky and southern west virginia. we'll have to see how much of this can get here later this afternoon. prince george's county just about clear now. we see the activity moving through anne arundel county. it is pulling away from route 1 and 295. 97 still a wet ride. 50 until you get out of anne arundel is wet. coastal areas like shady side over toward queens town, kent island this is all moving to the east, northeast at a pretty good clip. behind it with light winds, some clearing, we've got some
5:48 am
fog. stafford, warrenton, culpeper. visibilities a quarter mile. in martinsburg we have three- quarters after mile. half mile in petersburg. fog in those areas that got the heavier rains overnight. that could be a problem for another couple of hours. 60s across the board here. we've got 66 in easton. 61 in luray. that's one of our cool spots. the tappahannock airport all the way down to 59 degrees. outside on our weather camera, good visibility now. had a light shower at the top of the hour at national. they're dry at the moment. 67 with a west, northwest wind at 5 miles per hour. there goes the rain this morning. it's pulling up in toward new england. low pressure is actually helping to produce the enhanced rainfall. but this front still draping across the ohio valley. it's slowly going to pull through us. as it does, it will help fire a few more showers and potential thunderstorms mainly south of town. as we get into the evening hours and the nighttime hours, even overnight we can't rule out an isolated shower but looks better for saturday and pretty good on sunday as well.
5:49 am
so today 80. a late storm possible. tonight we're dipping into the 50s. might even see upper 40s far northern suburbs. 72 tomorrow. it's going to be a nice, dry day. on sunday isolated shower, 74. i think most of us are dry. monday 75 and showers return tuesday mid-70s. let's check in with beverly farm near for monika with timesaver traffic. we've got new issues on the wet pavement out there. a little more volume. folks maybe not going the speed they should for these conditions. outer loop of the beltway, the crash reported to be between georgia avenue and connecticut avenue. the initial reports there are two vehicles that tangled n. is shot at colesville road where the pace is still decent. outer loop further west into silver spring in bethesda is where we have the new issue to report. in prince george's county they're checking on eastbound route 50 near route 197 in bowie for the report of a crash. on the beltway coming up from andrews, your lanes are open into landover to head up toward 50 but again the new problem in silver spring on the beltway between georgia and connecticut, there's a crash reported on southbound 301 at
5:50 am
trade zone avenue. police and fire rescue are responding to. virginia beltway you're accident free. 95 corridor only building volume into quantico and woodbridge heading into springfield. the pace has been good northbound on 95 to get on to 395 up to the 14th street bridge. your next timesaver traffic coming up at 6:00. back to you. >> thank you, beverly. lymphoma is a blood cancer that certain forms can crash a patient's immune system over time. jeff grubbs is fighting a type of lymphoma and he's asking some area cyclists to join him this weekend for the sixth annual lymphoma ride. thank you for waking up with us. >> thank you. >> how are you feel something. >> today i'm feeling really good. really good. >> tell people how you found out you had it and where did you ge for treatment? >> i was feeling good at the time. i went into my doctor for a routine physical and walked out with a form of lymphoma. my blood tests were just way off and it took a little bit of doing but it turned out i had blood cancer. the bad news is there's no cure
5:51 am
which is my motivation for riding and for a lot of people's motivation for riding to help find that cure. the good news for me is my own form is slow moving. this is not really an aggressive form. i'm sitting here. i feel all right but it gives me time to go out and to begin to do the things that helps me, helps other lymphoma patients and helps people down the road to fight this kind of blood cancer. >> if people want to join in on this, where does the ride take place? how do they sign up? i think you were telling me today is the last day to sign up. >> today is the last day to sign up. we ride on sunday. this is set in just a beautiful part of montgomery county just outside of gaithersburg. the ride itself takes off from barnesville school just outside of barnesville north of gaithersburg. it's just gorgeous countryside, particularly this time of year. there's a 25-mile course and a 15-mile course. you can do -- 50-mile course.
5:52 am
you can do either one in two to three hours. it's a ride, not a race. people take it at their own pace. i had an 80-year-old man on my team last year. we did the 25-mile course together. it was great. serious cyclists love it because they can do the 50-mile course and go out and have a great day. looking forward to it. >> you want people to bring donations? how do you do it? do you pledge if i ride 50 miles you'll give me x amount? >> we can do that. you're on. >> the entry fee? >> there's no entry fee at all. this is a ride, a fund-raiser is what it's all about. i it's incredibly well organized with rest stops and all the rest you need, food before and after. but what is really -- but what it really is about is raising money to find a cure for different forms of lymphoma including my own. there's a website, limp
5:53 am
tomorrow ma -- >> thank you. making news at 5:53, libya's president said government forces have disbanded about ten militia groups that continue to act against muslim extremists. a federal judge has given final approval to a class action suit resulting from hurricanes katrina and rita. about 55,000 people along the gulf coast will -- [indiscernible] the storm ejackees were -- evacuees were exposed to formaldehyde when they were issued government trailers [ inaudible ] the whale is making its annual migration from north
5:54 am
queensville to the -- [ inaudible ] the regular n.f.l. refs worked thirst first game last night in baltimore and they got a standing ovation. >> plus, we'll take a look at some of the new movies you can catch in theaters this weekend. here's jess. >> thanks, andrea. daily deals time. in case you hadn't heard, tomorrow is national coffee day. we raise a massive mug of coffee. i'm getting you free coffee today. why wait for the good stuff, right? today is cof-free day at 7- eleven. you can get a free large coffee at any participating 7-eleven store. the deal is good between 6:00 a.m. and 10:00 a.m. this morning. mcdonald's restaurants on the east coast have been giving away free 12 ounce coffees all week long. the freebies are good today and tomorrow as well. no purchase necessary.
5:55 am
free coffee available in the drive thru or in the restaurant. krispy kreme is offering a coffee per customer. no purchase necessary. it's marred to resist the donut with a -- it's hard to resist the donut with a cup of coffee. have you ever tried turkish coffee? a turkish truck is handing out free coffee to bring attention to the turkish heritage month. tomorrow it's at the textile museum and sunday at the smithsonian national museum of the american indian. that's a whole lot of free coffee but we can handle it. if you have an offer you've seen or you're a merchant with a deal for our viewers, i would love to hear from you on facebook. keep it right here. more news is next. you are watching 9news now.
5:56 am
5:57 am
5:58 am
welcome back. let's take a look at some of the movies you can see at the theaters this weekend. >> a mob boss sends a younger joe into the future. older joe isn't ready to die yet. >> if you have a few younger people in the family, the animated hotel transylvania is in theaters this weekend. adam sandler is the voice of dracula who builds a retreat for his daughter who is voiced by selena gomez. other nonhumans show up to live there as well until a backpacker stumbles intots
5:59 am
enclave. the film is rated pg. there's rude humor and scary aim js. -- scary images. and there's the musical pitch perfect. okay. let's go on to these two. this is supposed to abpretty good movie. two oscar nominees are costarring as mothers in won't back down. oscar winner holy hunter opposes their efforts to improve a public school system. davis' performance is praised. it oversimplifies a complex issue. okay, enough of that. >> happy friday. we're glad you're us with this morning. i'm mike hydeck. here's andrea roane. the lovely howard bernstein has your weather. >> the weather is turning lovelier now as we get rid of the showers and storms. we're done with the rage. still have wet streets which may slow you down a bit

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